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In the plan is VAT abolition for informatics



Information technology as the development opportunity in Montenegro

Podgorica, 16 April - routing the field of information and communication technology is one of the great opportunities for the Montenegrin development, evaluated the Governments Vice President and the Minister of Information Society, Vujica Lazović Ph.D.

Lazovic said that Montenegro as a small country has a lot of opportunities in the economic sense by routing new areas.


Development of eGovernment

World phenomenon of information communication technology usage, and primarily the Internet, mobile phones, digital television, etc., influenced the transformation of all life processes, and among that on the government functioning. Such transformations have led to the creation of situations in which the information and public services can be provided on distance (e.g. various types of permits, documents, applications, etc...) and on-line. Today, most governments in the world, distributing information through its web pages, build own digital databases and provide a kind of service on-line, depending on degree of development and digitalization of their own business.


Knowledge-based economic development

Budva (MINA-BUSINESS) - Montenegro's priority should be the development of a knowledge-based economy, the creation of efficient public administration and inclusion of all citizens in the sector - assess the Government's Vice President and Minister of Information Society, Vujica Lazović.
While opening the Regional forum for human resources development in hotel Maestral, he expressed the importance of the human resources, as the most significant factor in telecommunication sector, which is why it is necessary to adopt new knowledge and technologies.Download


Development trends in eGovernment

An executive workshop named Development trends in eGovernment was held today in Podgorica. The workshop was organized by the Ministry of Information Society, in cooperation with the Centre for eGovernance Development in Ljubljana and the INA Academy from Greece.


Invest in knowledge

Sector for information and communication technology (ICT) will be extremely important and interesting business on the territory of Montenegro - the assessment of the Ministry of Information Society, reported in yesterday's seminar named "Development trends in eGovernment".
The seminar was held in cooperation with the Centre for eGovernance Development in Ljubljana and the INA Academy from Greece.